World reacts to Hilarious Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce news that they kept hidden as Hannah Ann Sluss Accidentally Revealed Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Potential Engagement Date – And the reason is so Hilarious that fans can’t stop laughing

Hannah Ann Sluss and Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce


In the realm of celebrity romance, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s love story has taken center stage, with whispers circulating that an engagement may be on the horizon-albeit with a significant caveat.


Hannah Ann Sluss and Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

According to insights from former ‘The Bachelor’ winner, Hannah Ann Sluss, the impending proposal might have to wait until the NFL’s offseason, creating a suspenseful timeline that could unfold within the next two months.

Sluss herself is no stranger to the world of high-profile relationships, as she is currently engaged to Jake Funk, recently signed to the Baltimore Ravens practice squad.

Drawing from her experiences within the NFL’s WAGs (wives and girlfriends) community, Sluss revealed that engagements in the football world are often strategically planned during the offseason.

“Everything is about football. You have to wait,” Sluss told Page Six

Is Sluss an expert on the topic?
Having embarked on her journey with Funk since October 2021, Sluss has been navigating the challenges of a relationship entwined with professional football. Her engagement to Funk dates back to January, adding another layer to her own narrative that began with a stint on Season 24 of ‘The Bachelor’ in 2020.

On the other side of the celebrity spectrum, the blossoming relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce has captivated public attention since Swift’s appearance at a Chiefs game on September 24. Kelce’s celebrity profile has soared as a result of his association with the 12-time Grammy Award winner.

Speculation about an impending engagement has been fueled by reports that Kelce sought and received the blessing of Swift’s father, Scott, for a potential proposal.

Despite earlier rumors pointing to a birthday engagement around Swift’s 34th birthday on December 13, conflicting reports have emerged. According to The Messenger, quoting an undisclosed source, there are currently ‘no plans for an engagement anytime soon.’

As the NFL’s offseason is set to kick off after Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, the timeline for Swift and Kelce’s potential engagement is shrouded in mystery, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this celebrity love story.