Travis Kelce was AMAZED and gushes over ‘Superstar’ Princess Charlotte’s ‘fire’ and praises Kate Middleton and Prince William’s parenting.. The Chiefs Star revealed he was Completely SHOCKED about a Question asked him about Taylor Swift – ‘When are you going to…’

Travis Kelce talks on Selfie with the Royals


Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce has gushed over Princess Charlotte’s ‘fire’ after he met the eight-year-old royal with her brother and father at Wembley Stadium last weekend.


Taylor Swift takes a selfie with Prince William and his children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George.


The Kansas City Chiefs player, who posed with the global megastar, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte backstage at the Eras Tour, revealed on a podcast that the young princess was brimming full of questions – and he praised the Prince and Princess of Wales for their parenting skills.

Speaking to his brother Jason on the latest episode of their podcast New Heights, he revealed what it was like to meet the royals – and joked Prince William was ‘the coolest motherf*****’.

Revealing the 10 and eight-year-old siblings were an ‘absolute delight’, Travis said Charlotte, in particular, was ‘a superstar’.

He continued: ‘She had fire to her. She was asking questions… I love it when parents ask their kids to be present, be vocal… Encourage them to take a lead in the conversation.’

Meanwhile Jason, who is a father of three girls, admitted meeting Princess Charlotte was the ‘highlight’ of the evening for him.

‘Prince George was great too. She was so f****** adorable. Like, I cannot,’ Jason said.

Elsewhere, Travis revealed he was unsure of how to greet the royals; wondering if he would have to bow to them or shake their hands.

In the latest episode of their New Heights podcast, the brothers detailed the encounter and raved about the Prince’s humility.

‘We met royalty, guys,’ Travis said. ‘There was royalty at the show. I got there early and got to meet Prince William. How bout that? Your Royal Highness.

‘Dude, he was the coolest motherf*****,’ he added. ‘He was so cool.’

‘He was awesome,’ Jason echoed his brother’s sentiments. ‘He was a good dude.’

Jason and Travis also laughed about not knowing the proper etiquette upon meeting the royals.

Travis then quipped on the difference in formality between the UK and the United States.

‘He was there with little George and Charlotte, and they were an absolute delight to meet,’ said Travis.

‘I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to bow to them – curtsy [or] just be an American idiot and shake their hand. [Or say:] ‘Sup dude?”

‘We wanted to be polite, especially on this side of the pond,’ he continued.

‘We did get a warning because, honestly, we don’t know the actual [etiquette],’ Jason said in response.

‘Because we weren’t at an elegant, official royal event, we didn’t have to bow,’ the former Philadelphia Eagles center shared. ‘If it would’ve been an official meeting-of-royalty event, then it would have been that.’

Furthermore, they joked about how Jason, a former Super Bowl champion, felt emasculated after meeting the Prince.

Travis then laughed about how his older brother – and fellow investor in Garage Beer – put his alcoholic beverage away for the important meeting.

‘I did still address him as your Royal Highness, and I’ve never felt emasculated, and I did,’ Jason said, laughing. ‘That was the closest I’ve ever been.’

‘I’ve never seen you give someone that much respect,’ Travis joked. ‘You put your beer ten feet away from you.’

‘I didn’t have it in my teeth when I met him,’ Jason continued. ‘They were wonderful people, and that’s what it’s about. They’re part of a monarchy [it’s] hard to be a down-to-earth human being – I would assume. But [they] came off that way completely.’