Is Taylor Swift Making Travis Kelce Copy Matty Healy? Singer Accused of Being Cringey After Ex’s Engagement

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and Matty Healy


Taylor Swift has been accused of having a PR relationship with Travis Kelce.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and Matty Healy

Social media users flocked online after Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s performance at the Eras Tour went viral.

Nearly a year since they started dating, Swift finally brought Kelce to her Eras Tour during the trek’s stop in London on June 23. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end made his debut onstage while Swift was changing her outfit for her “I Can Do It with a Broken Heart” performance, sporting a tuxedo and top hat.

In a screenshot on Reddit, a user compared a photo from the Eras Tour and a snap from one of Matty Healy’s shows. The collage showed how Kelce allegedly “copied” The 1975 frontman’s pose when he rested his chin on his arms.

“Taylor made Travis do this pose when he was on stage. Matty does this during his shows,” the caption read.

Several Reddit users left comments criticizing Swift for being “creepy” and “cringey” for making Kelce act like her ex-boyfriend, who has recently announced his engagement to model Gabriette Bechtel.

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One commented, “Imagine being any man she pursues in the future. Good luck ever having a non-PR relationship ever again lol.”

“Matty needs a restraining order. This is scary. Also which mental illness is it where you have no shame and don’t get embarrassed?” a second asked. “Whatever that one is is the one she has. I would be MORTIFIED for people to know I copy my exes performance every night because I miss him and want him back.”

“I’m sorry but this girl is mentally ill. She needs help. This is creepy, obsessive, and has a weird bully vibe to it,” a third wrote.

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Another user noted Swift also had her boyfriend copy Healy’s stage performance in which the”Somebody Else” singer made someone carry him. During the London show, Kelce lifted her up and carried her the same way.

Swift has yet to respond to the latest backlash, but she took her time to praise her beau for joining her show in a social media post.

“I’m still cracking up/swooning over @killatrav’s Eras Tour debut Never going to forget these shows,” the “So Long, London” singer wrote on Instagram. “Can’t wait to do it 5 more times in August. Up next: Dublin!!,” with an emoji of its flag.