Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce’s unexpected podcast conversation about squirting goes viral


A fan of the show observed that players do not squirt their own water during timeouts, and instead team trainers do it for them. When the viewer asked for an explanation for this phenomenon, Jason and Travis took the question and ran with it.


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You gotta have a good relationship with the person squirting,” Travis explained.

As it turns out, the reason trainers give the water to the players that way is so the bottles don’t get contaminated or mixed up, in addition to the convenience. Both brothers expressed an interest in switching roles and doing the squirting once in a while.

“I’ll let a teammate squirt me sometimes,” Jason joked, before Travis butted in. “That’s just a good teammate!”

“We embarked on this avenue of trust,” Jason deadpanned, causing a huge laugh from Travis. “I opened my mouth to accept your squirt and you dumped it all down my chest.”