Taylor Swift is Said to Have Signed a Lavish Mansion in London with Travis Kelce for Christmas.


Patrick Mahomes pulled no punches when giving Taylor Swift her flowers, he had never spoken about her in public after the romance with Travis Kelce was confirmed.


Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Reportedly Have ’One Main Priority’ in Their Relationship – Here It Is

Ahead of the Christmas Day game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders, Mahomes spoke to CBS Mornings about what he has learned from Taylor Swift with the little he can see through his wife’s interactions with her.

Also, he has picked up a few things about Taylor through the relationship Travis Kelce has with her. But Swift and Brittany Mahomes became friends instantly after the romance was confirmed with his teammate.

This is what Patrick Mahomes said on that interview: “At first, I feel like everybody kind of stayed away, we all just let him (Travis) do wht he was doing.

And then he started bringing Taylor around and you realize how cool of a person she is. For us, there was a couple of jokes in the beginning. But she’s just part of Chiefs Kingdom now and she is part of the team. It’s cool that she’s embraced Brittany and they built a friendship as well.

And for me, it’s Travis man, he’s lucky enough to be with a great woman. She’s top tier at her profession, and how she drives and becomes that, dude it’s really cool to hear about and to see and now I have a first hand look at that through Brittany and Travis’ eyes.”