Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Reacts to Viral Video of Jason Kelce Singing and Dancing with a Funny Outfit… The Chiefs Star Says “Nice moves….You are so hilarious man, what can’t you do” and Taylor says “Out of all the Crazy things I Have seen you do this is the…”

Jason Kelce lookalike dancing and singing


Antonio Brown decided to take a shot at former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce on social media – only for Kelce to clap back.


Jason Kelce lookalike dancing and singing

Brown found a video of a performer at what appears to be some sort of concert who bared only the slimmest of resemblances to the center.

The wide receiver, who recently filed for bankruptcy, captioned his post ‘Jason Kelce performing in Philly yesterday.’

Kelce saw it, and decided to take the high road, saying, ‘S**t, I wish I could spit bars like that!’

The ex-Eagles lineman and Super Bowl champion received plenty of praise in the comments from people supporting his clap back – while Brown received some criticism under his post.

Jason Kelce hits back at Antonio Brown after former NFL star targeted him on social media

Seemingly throughout his time in the National Football League – and in the days since he retired – Brown has been a controversial figure for his public statements as well as his actions both on and off the field.

On a recent episode of ‘The Pivot Podcast’, Brown admitted that he is not currently working and confirmed that he filed for bankruptcy.

‘I mean, I’m f****d up, you know what I’m saying?’ Brown said. ‘I just can’t comply with debt. You know, it’s all about protecting yourself.’

‘I’m not broke, but I’m fractured. … I’m just reallocating the debt to take care of the debtors. That’s all I’m doing.

‘You know, anybody can sue you, take you for whatever you got. At this point, I don’t work, I don’t make millions of dollars where it’s coming in where I could just (pay off) some of that money.’

‘Chapter 11 is about restructuring the money you’re making so you can take care of the debt.’

This is not the first time that ‘AB’ has gone after a member of the Kelce family.

Back in January, Brown called Jason’s brother Travis Kelce ‘the dopest cracker I know’ in a post to Twitter.

On an episode of his ‘New Heights’ podcast, Travis said that Brown’s post was ‘probably the biggest compliment’.

‘I appreciate you AB, man. Feels good to be one of the dopest crackers,’ Travis replied, while laughing. ‘I love that s***. He’s one of my favorite follows on twitter, you’ve got to follow him.’

Brown’s NFL career came to an end in a firestorm when he spontaneously quit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the middle of a game against the New York Jets.

The wide receiver stripped off his pads and undershirt – throwing them into the crowd and running through the field while there was a live play going on.