Here’s Three Reasons why Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Aren’t ‘Rushing’ to Get Engaged Despite Being ‘Wildly in Love’ and the Intense Pressure to get Married… Second reason hints that the marriage might be happening after 10 years…

Travis and Taylor


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will celebrate their one-year anniversary next month, and already, multiple sources have spoken to Us Weekly about just how blissfully happy and serious they are.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Those sources also made one thing clear: Yes, Swift and Kelce are “wildly in love.” But they also aren’t racing down the altar.

They are in it for the long haul, one source said, but neither one is trying to rush milestones like getting engaged or married. “They are taking things one step at a time and enjoying their journey together.”

Their intel comes one month after another source told Us Weekly that Kelce wasn’t even thinking about proposing to Swift. “Travis has no plans on proposing to Taylor anytime soon,” the source said then. “It’s not even on his radar. Marriage is something he takes very seriously and not something he would ever just jump into without giving it some careful consideration. [He] cares very deeply [about Swift, but] he’s just not there yet.”

Still, Kelce is exceptional, a second source said in Us Weekly’s report today. “Nobody has ever made Taylor feel this way,” they said. “Taylor and Travis bring out the best in each other and lift each other up. She absolutely sees this going the distance.”

A third source called their first year of dating “the best year of both of their lives.”

The second source added that Swift was initially “worried that bringing Travis into her world would scare him away, but he embraced it and handled it so well. [His attitude] made her fall in love with him even more.”

Now, the couple is settled and happy. The third source explained, “Taylor and Travis are very confident in their relationship, so they don’t have to bend over backwards and travel to see each other for less than a day.”

The second source revealed that they have great communication practices established: “They have daily FaceTimes when they’re apart and send cute texts to each other. They are wildly in love.” The insider added they also do “little gestures and gifts to keep the romance alive.”