WWE Loosing Top Wrestlers to AEW — Major Names Revealed…

Vince McMahon very angry

Usually, every year, everyone tries to predict who will leave WWE. This year though, we’re predicting who will leave WWE and go to AEW.

Daniel Bryan: One of the most underrated wrestlers in the world. As he most likely one of the best in the world but is never usually said to be.

Daniel BryanFrom older wrestlers praising his work to trying to push the younger wrestler. It does feel like maybe AEW could be the best place to retire. As he does a kind of retirement tour he could end up AEW for at least one match.

Aleister Black: This is kind of an obvious one due to the fact that his wife; Zelina Vega has been fired due to using Twitch. It does seem very likely that he would go to the main revival company.

With him currently not appearing on TV ever since Zelina Vega left the company. It kind of looks like Aleister Black will be leaving sooner rather than later.

Shinsuke NakamuraShinsuke Nakamura: This is a weird one as he did leave NJPW for his family. Although has never really been used right in WWE. He is getting a slight push now but feels like it’s due to that fact that his contract could be ending soon.

AEW could be a good opinion due to the fact that he could still stay where he is in America. Then there’s the easier schedule to work with. There are also options to work in NJPW if he ever wanted to, like Jon Moxley, Jericho and Colt Cabana are able to do.

Cesaro: Another wrestler we would love to see in NJPW due to his work rate. AEW seems like the best option for him.

Peyton Royce Answers Questions About Her Fitness Competition
Peyton Royce Answers Questions About Her Fitness Competition

Although, money talks, he has been an unrated wrestler in WWE for a while and if he ever wanted to break out. AEW could be the best company for him.

Adam Cole: Adam Cole is a tricky one due to him getting some good pushes through his career in WWE. Although it has been mentioned that Adam Cole may not get the same reaction in Raw or Smackdown.

If nothing happens in the future and he is never moved or is moved then buried. It does look likely he could end up in AEW. As he is close friends with the Young Bucks and in a relationship with Brit Baker. It does feel like this will happen at some point of his career, why not 2021.

AJ Styles: It feels like AJ Styles has been annoyed by WWE too many times. With the Good Brother leaving, not letting him use Twitch and moving to a roster with Paul Haymen.

AJ Styles says never say never on joining AEW
AJ Styles says never say never on joining AEW

It was meant to happen on the first episode of AEW but why not this year. As he did change his mind due to money but looking at what has happened since then. I think he could get a pretty penny from Tony Khan to sign with AEW this year.

Peyton Royce Answers Questions About Her Fitness Competition
Peyton Royce Answers Questions About Her Fitness Competition

Ricochet: Another underrated wrestler of WWE. With him having a constraint feud with Retribution that has never led to anything. Surely the frustration is there with Ricochet. Someone at his standard should be somewhere where he could get a push.

That seems to never happen in WWE, AEW could be the place to be. He has wrestled a lot of VPs in the past. So he might have a way into it. His high flyer style would also work very well with the AEW roster.

Peyton RoycePeyton Royce: It looked like WWE saw something in Peyton Royce when they broke up the Iconics. Ever since then they just put her in another tag team that made no sense. With her husband in AEW; Shawn Spear.

It does seem likely that she could be great in AEW. With AEW needing more amazing women wrestlers. She could be the breakout wrestler who could main event AEW PPV in the future.

WWE NaomiNaomi: Naomi seems to be teasing that she’s leaving WWE. With her social media post suggesting that she is looking for something new. She is one of the women wrestlers that gets overlooked due to the 4 horsewomen but she could easily be on the same caliber.

It does seem like she will never be on that level if she stays in the same roster. If she made the jump to AEW, she could be one of the top women in a matter of weeks.


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