Why Travis Kelce Is Apologizing to Taylor Swift’s Dad Just Days After Their First Meeting

Why Travis Kelce Is Apologizing to Taylor Swift's Dad Just Days After Their First Meeting


Travis Kelce is leaving no blank spaces in his apology to Taylor Swift’s dad.

After all, the NFL player was so enchanted by the “Bejeweled” singer’s lyric change referencing their relationship during her Nov. 11 Eras Tour concert in Buenos Aires that he inevitably missed an iconic high-five moment with her dad Scott Swift.


“You were so shocked,” Jason Kelce said to his brother during the Nov. 15 episode of their New Heights podcast, “you left Scott hanging.”


In a viral video from that moment at the concert, Travis puts his head in his hands before cheering as Scott lifts his hands in a high five before patting the Kansas City Chiefs player on the back. And the 34-year-old lamented missing out on the bonding moment with Scott.


“Yeah, Mr. Swift, I apologize, big guy,” Travis responded. “Oh man, I missed that. I never miss a high five, too. It’s the most electric thing you can do at an event.”


The tight end hinted that he had an idea that knew Taylor, 33, was planning to switch the lyrics but admitted the moment still caught him off-guard.

Why Travis Kelce Is Apologizing to Taylor Swift's Dad Just Days After Their First Meeting

“Yeah, no, had no clue that—well, I might have had a little bit of a clue,” he revealed to his older brother. “But definitely, when I heard it come out of her mouth, still shocked me. I was like, ‘Oh, sh… she really just said that.'”


The weekend was full of exciting firsts for the couple, including traveling internationally and having dinner with Scott, whom Travis met for the first time in Argentina. And the athlete wasted no time trying to convert him into a Chiefs fan.


“I might have persuaded him at dinner the night before,” Travis noted. “When I met him.”

While the Catching Kelce star acknowledged his trip to Argentina was well-documented, he did give a formal review of his whirlwind trip. And, of course, had a whole lot of praise for the Grammy winner.

Why Travis Kelce Is Apologizing to Taylor Swift's Dad Just Days After Their First Meeting

“For those of you who haven’t seen all the videos of me on your TikTok and your Instagram feed,” Travis, who famously attended the Kansas City Eras Tour concert over the summer, explained, “I was enjoying myself down there in Buenos Aires. The show was even more electric knowing that I had a little bit more to enjoy for, and yeah, Taylor absolutely ripped it. She killed it, and it looked like she was having some fun up there.”


While Travis played cheer captain at her recent tour stop, Taylor has shown her support by attending several Kansas City Chiefs games this season. Keep reading to check out Taylor’s winning game-day outfits.