Why do people hate Meghan Markle? The layers of reasons people dislike Markle can ultimately be boiled down to some very depressing, and frankly disturbing reasons.

Why do people hate Meghan Markle?


Former Hollywood actress Meghan Markle is one of the big topics of discussion amidst Queen Elizabeth II’s death as an outpouring of emotions leads many to hate.


Why do people hate Meghan Markle?

Markle married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex in 2018, with her retiring from acting to take up her position in the Royal Family, but not everyone gets a warm welcome into the centuries-old bloodline. There has been considerable sledging against Markle which can be hard to understand for many, so here’s a breakdown of why Monarchists tend to dislike Markle.

Why do people hate Meghan Markle?
The layers of reasons people dislike Markle can ultimately be boiled down to some very depressing, and frankly disturbing reasons.

She’s a proud social activist
Markle is a proud social activist and has advocated for women’s rights in the public for a long time, and has represented a new wave of feminism. You need only look at how some sections of the Marvel fanbase treat noted feminist Brie Larson to see how this can become an issue for some.



Why do people hate Meghan Markle?


Markle is also a public enemy number one for a lot of people simply due to her heritage. She is an American woman married into the Royal Family, and is also of Black heritage. These two ideas are in clear conflict with how some Monarchists view their Royal Family: white, one bloodline, and definitely not American.

Despite the British Royal Family having roots in Germany and Spain, as well as England only becoming a monarchy thanks to a French conqueror in 1066, many are uneasy with non-British people being in the family. Markle essentially represents a change to the system and an acknowledgment of a wider world existing beyond the monarchy. A biracial woman entering the family, and looking to modernize it clashes with the very concept of a 1000-year-old institution.

She’s a Hollywood actress
More prudish commentators have expressed disappointment in her becoming a Royal due to her former career in Hollywood, including her former starring role in legal drama Suits. Markle had also appeared in sex scenes during the series, which hasn’t gone down well with more conservative onlookers.

She publicly denounced Donald Trump and Brexit
The Royal Family is intended to be traditionally neutral in all political affairs, but Markle had been a critic of Donald Trump, and publicly supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election. Markle had also expressed disappointment with the final result of the Brexit referendum.


Why do people hate Meghan Markle?

She accused the Royal Family of bullying
After Prince Harry and the Duchess did their infamous interview with Oprah on why they left the Royal Family, it also shed new light on what the family is actually like. Markle felt she had been a victim of bullying from within the family, and a victim of smear campaigns in the press.

She’s also been accused of bullying
Markle has also been accused of poor conduct which led to several personal assistants leaving Kensington Palace, with them feeling bullied by the Duchess. These allegations have been dismissed several times by Markle, and seem to fuel the very reason Markle stepped away from Royal Family duties.

She wore earrings gifted to her by a controversial Prince
Markle wearing earrings gifted to her by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the aftermath of Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination was a big controversy. bin Salman is widely believed to have been complicit in the journalist’s murder. Markle dismissed this as a smear campaign and something she had not been aware of at the time.


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