Where to watch the How I Met Your Father reboot in Australia

Where to watch the How I Met Your Father reboot in Australia

When it comes to reboots, viewers have their pick of the bunch. With new versions of every single show from Gossip Girl to Charmed, there seems to be no end in sight for the reboot obsession.




Hilary Duff Is All About "Leaning Out"



Many reboots have fallen flat in recent years as fans begin to wonder: has the entertainment industry officially run out of new ideas? Probably, yes. Regardless, one reboot we absolutely will be binge-watching is How I Met Your Father.



The reboot works off the same premise as the original How I Met Your Mother series, following a close-knit group of friends as they navigate their love lives in New York.

The sequel series is led by Sophie, who is telling her son the tale of how she met his father. The good news? Sophie is played by millennial icon and absolute treasure Hilary Duff.


The even better news is that the Hulu Original series is available to stream on Australian screens via Disney Plus, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you’re going to want to click here.
Sure to fill the Younger-shaped hole in your heart, Hilary is running around looking fabulous and fashionable in NYC as she brings her signature bubbly personality to the role. In the words of Lizzie McGuire, this is what dreams are made of.



Not only that, but Kim Cattrall has taken on the role of future Sophie – narrating the series like the late Bob Saget did for the original ‘future Ted.’


Some fans were disappointed when Kim declined to return for the TV revival of SATC, but after six seasons and two movies we think she’s earned a break from Samantha Jones if she wants one. And at least this way, she’ll still be in one NYC-


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