Where Eagles bare: Philadelphia’s offensive line show LOTS of skin in ESPN The Magazine’s ‘Body Issue’ as center Jason Kelce brags about his ‘great ass’ – and his teammates predict they’ll lose ’50 pounds’ after retiring

Where Eagles bare: Philadelphia's offensive line show LOTS of skin in ESPN The Magazine's 'Body Issue' as center Jason Kelce brags about his 'great ass' - and his teammates predict they'll lose '50 pounds' after retiring

ESPN The Magazine’s ‘Body Issue’ is no place for those with, well, body issues, which is exactly why the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line eagerly volunteered to pose naked for the annual photo shoot.

‘I’m comfortable with my body,’ 335-pound right guard Brandon Brooks told ESPN. ‘Every part of my body.’



Eagles' Offensive Line In ESPN The Magazine Body Issue Sparks Conversation  About Men's Body Image - YouTube




September’s publication will be the last for ESPN The Magazine, but the sports media giant will continue to do the ‘Body Issue’ tradition online going forward.’Being an offensive lineman, obviously you’re a little bit different than most athletes, so our body types are going to be drastically different,’ said Eagles center Jason Kelce – the only member of Philadelphia’s offensive line who weighs less than 300 pounds.




Eagles offensive line's ESPN Body Issue photos released



‘My body may not be the best looking, but it does get the job done,’ laughed 6-foot-6, 320-pound backup tackle Halapoulivaati Vaitai.he linemates were talked into the project by right tackle Lane Johnson (6-foot-6, 317 pounds). But outside of All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters, who was noticeably absent, the group seemed to enjoy the opportunity.


‘I thought it was going to be more revealing, but it was cool,’ said Brooks.

‘It was really fun, getting to do a lot of naked shoots with a bunch of guys,’ said Vaitai, who filled in for Peters. ‘Fifty years from now we’re going to look back and be like “remember this day.”‘


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