‘weeks of transatlantic ping pong’ and Prince Harry is not expected to take part in procession or return to Buckingham Palace with the rest of his family after the service

prince harry

Prince Harry will attend his father’s Coronation alone, with Meghan set to remain in California, it was revealed yesterday.

After delicate negotiations, described to the Mail as a game of ‘transatlantic ping pong’, Buckingham Palace announced the Duke of Sussex will be at the Coronation ceremony.



Prince Harry WILL attend King Charles' Coronation but not Meghan Markle | Daily Mail Online




But he will be coming alone, with the Duchess of Sussex due to stay at home with Prince Archie – who turns four that day – and Princess Lilibet, oneHis decision to attend the Westminster Abbey Coronation service is viewed as a potential olive branch by royal insiders, following an earlier demand that his family should apologise to him and Meghan if they were to consider coming.


But he is not expected to take part in the procession after the service or join other members of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, or for other celebrations.


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