Watch Viral Clip of Taylor Swift pointing and waving to Travis Kelce as he sings along to ‘So High School’ at Wembley Eras Tour show goes viral: ‘He looked so happy’

Taylor Swift pointing to Travis Kelce at the Eras Tour London


Fans gushed over a side-by-side video of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce during the former’s Eras Tour show in Wembley on Thursday.


Taylor Swift pointing

In the viral clip, the 14-time Grammy-winning pop star appears to wave at her boyfriend from the stage while performing ‘So High School’- a song off her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, that many believe is written about Kelce.

Meanwhile, the three-time Super Bowl champion was singing along and performing some dance moves as he swayed to the hit in the stands. Kelce was also caught smiling and looking at his party as if to check if they caught Swift waving at him during the number.

‘He looked so happy when she waved at him at the beginning,’ one fan commented.

‘Stop it! I can’t stop smiling,’ another added. ‘They’re so adorable!’

‘The way she kept pointing at him and looking his way I’m gonna cry,’ a third wrote.

‘Not him doing the dance moves along with her, I’m crying,’ said a fourth.

‘The way he looked around,’ a fifth commented with a series of laughing-crying emojis. ‘He’s proud of himself for that.’

When Swift first incorporated her new tracks to the setlist of her record-breaking tour in May, she went viral for doing the Chiefs’ signature ‘Swag Surf’ to the choreography for So High School.

In a performance in Paris, Swift and her dancers broke into a wave-like motion – a signature move by Kansas City fans at Arrowhead Stadium during their anthem ‘Swag Surfin’ by Fast Life Yungstaz.

Swift memorably joined the Chiefs Kingdom in the swag surf during their playoff win over the Miami Dolphins in February.

Swift and her entourage did the routine while standing on bleachers, swaying side to side and making wave-like motions with their hands.

Kelce was not alone in enjoying Swift’s performance, as he was joined by his brother Jason, sister-in-law Kylie, and dad Ed at Wembley.