WATCH: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will be staying in this stunning $100k a night Singapore hotel when he arrives

And now, it has emerged that following the Anti-Hero’s appearance at the hunk’s football game on Sunday, should the couple make things official, they could remain an item for a very long time.



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After analysing both Taylor and Travis’ astrology charts, Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and body language expert, has spoken exclusively to The Mirror. She revealed that there happens to be a couple of tell-tale signs that point to the couple staying together “for many years”.Summing up the couple’s relationship, Inbaal went on to note: “They have an interesting connection which could keep them together for many years – the Scorpio connection.

“Travis has his Venus, planet of love in Scorpio, so he loves ladies who are mysterious and keep him guessing. Taylor has her Mars, planet of passion in Scorpio, so she likes a bit of role-playing and maybe even the odd whip. They’ll be able to bond over that exciting astrological connection,” she concluded.