WATCH: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will be staying in this stunning $100k a night Singapore hotel when he arrives

If you watched the Kansas City Chiefs’ football game against the Chicago Bears a few weeks ago, you noticed that the score wasn’t the leading headline.



Travis Kelce Buys Exclusive Estate for Extra Privacy While Dating Taylor  Swift - BAM



Instead, a sleeping giant of a storyline (Travis Kelce’s attempts to give Taylor Swift a friendship bracelet when she performed at Arrowhead Stadium) came to life when Swift was seen in Kelce’s suite cheering on the Chiefs and casually conversing with America’s mom, Mrs. Kelce. Also, Taylor loves ketchup and ranch with her chicken (I tried looking for this picture, but came up short. I


promise, there is a picture of Tay-Tay’s dip selection.Although the relationship is still at a very young stage, there is certainly a lot that has stood out regarding these mega-stars’ (yes, Travis Kielce is in fact a mega star in his own right. A lot of people have won and lost a lot of money in fantasy football leagues because of this man’s production) pursuit of romance on top of everything else going on in their lives. Here’s a few lessons: