Watch Patrick Mahomes throw it 30 yards … behind his back (and left handed, too)

patrick mahomes throw ball.jpg


Hey, it’s been a while since we got a viral video of Patrick Mahomes doing Patrick Mahomes things with a football. They’re always fun.



The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s ability to throw it a long way at all angles is already legendary. Add on being able to spin it downfield left handed, and behind his back too.


Patrick Mahomes Smiles with Daughter Sterling at Kansas City Chiefs' 'Family Fun Day'

The Chiefs posted a video from training camp of Mahomes wowing the crowd with a couple of trick passes. First, he went behind the back and hit the crossbar. It had a lot of velocity and was a pretty good spiral for that kind of pass. Then he went left handed and hit the crossbar again (Mahomes going lefty isn’t all that new, he did it on a key play his first year as the Chiefs’ starter).



He was at the 20-yard line, and count the 10 yards for the end zone and those are two weird passes hitting the crossbar from 30 yards away.Professional athletes can do things that don’t even seem possible.


That’s how you get to the highest level of sports. But among that group, some of them can pull off party tricks that are truly amazing.



Mahomes has had a bunch of those moments. Flinging a pass 30 yards from behind his back and hitting the crossbar can be added to the list. Not a bad way to pass the time at training camp.



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