Watch Hilarious Video of Jason Kelce and NFL Legend Vince Wilfork team up on an Commercial Ad for Kingsford, and then ended thr ad with crazy dance moves – “Let’s get some charcoal on the grill and have a good time”

Vince Wilfork and Jason Kelce


Former Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce is fully embracing the retired lifestyle after calling it a career after 13 seasons this year.


Vince Wilfork and Jason Kelce


His post-playing career is already proving lucrative for the former offensive lineman. This week, he released a new commercial for Kingsford Charcoal with fellow NFL retiree Vince Wilfork who shows him the ropes to becoming a “King of the Grill.”

Wilfork is well-known as a pitmaster after starring in the Houston Texans’ season of Hard Knocks on HBO. In the commercial, the former Patriots defensive lineman gifts Kelce with his very own pair of jean overalls with his old jersey number on them. Like Kelce, Wilfork also played 13 seasons in the league – the first 11 with the Patriots and the final two with the Texans.

Vince Wilfork and Jason Kelce



“Welcome to retirement, buddy,” Wilfork says to the former Eagles lineman, tossing him the overalls.

The former nose tackle, looking at least 100 pounds lighter than in his playing days, shows Kelce how to fire up the grill just right to make a huge helping of ribs. He tells the former center, “Barbecuing isn’t just about food, it’s a lifestyle.”

Kelce has been making the most of the early days of his retirement since hanging up his cleats this spring. He and his brother recently partnered together with “Garage Beer,” according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. It’s their first business venture together as owners and operators. He’ll also be on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown for the upcoming season, transitioning from the field to the television.


Kelce makes fan’s day at Eras Tour
Before the Eras Tour in London this weekend, Jason Kelce made one Taylor Swift fan speechless. Spotting a young boy wearing his Eagles jersey to the show, Kelce stopped the kid to hand him a token, leaving the boy gawking in disbelief. The two took a photo together before the former offensive lineman went into the show where he made even more fans’ day.

The recent NFL retiree played the role of the boyfriend’s brother perfectly. He waved to fans and grabbed all the friendship bracelets, even while balancing a drink. The Kelce duo will recap their trip to London on the New Heights podcast this week.

As Jason gets settled into retirement, Travis Kelce is set to compete in 2024 once again, trying to help the Kansas City Chiefs win a third straight Super Bowl.