WATCH: “Cat’s out of the bag. We’re expecting in (due date).” Taylor Swift says as she used her Couple fans in Singapore to announce she’s expecting ‘her NO.1 baby’ as she further reveals its her Baby’s first concert in Singapore.”I will NEVER forget this day”


In an interview with Today Online, Natalie recounted the series of remarkable coincidences that aligned with Taylor Swift’s announcement of her Eras Tour.



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When Natalie and her husband purchased the concert tickets, they were unaware of her pregnancy. However, shortly after, they discovered Natalie was expecting, and a subsequent doctor’s visit revealed that her estimated due date coincided with one of Taylor Swift’s performances in Singapore—precisely the same date Natalie attended the show.

On the morning of March 4, 2024, Natalie began experiencing labor pains every 15-30 minutes. Despite the discomfort, she remained resolute in her decision to attend the concert with her husband, Justyn. Throughout the three-hour show, Natalie endured repeated contractions but remained steadfast in her determination to enjoy the performance. She sang along with Swift’s songs, finding solace in the music amid her physical discomfor