Watch as Travis and Jason Kelce Make fun of Kylie Playing Golf in the recent episode of New Heights: And Called her Swinging “Happy Gilmore Style”, but Taylor Swift defends Kylie and says… “You guys should stop that, because she’s…”

Kylie Kelce Playing Golf


Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce recently had an eventful time in London, where they not only attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert but also recorded the latest episode of their podcast, New Heights, at Passyunk Avenue, a popular bar in the heart of the city.


Kylie Kelce Playing Golf

Following their visit, Jessie Riley, the bar’s manager, shared insights about their experience, fondly recalling Jason Kelce’s arrival and noting his warm demeanor.

“[He] felt like a face I already knew,” Riley told PEOPLE.

“He walked in and gave me a big bear hug around the shoulders, and it just felt normal.”

The Kelce brothers indulged in traditional British fare at the bar, including a full English breakfast and afternoon tea, while recording their podcast episode.

Kylie Kelce’s gesture
Alongside them was Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce, who enthusiastically embraced the bar’s tradition of patrons leaving personal mementos on its walls.

Passyunk Avenue’s unique decor is a result of contributions from patrons, including dollar bills adorned with handwritten notes left by American visitors. Kylie Kelce, inspired by this custom, decided to leave her own mark during their visit.

“As Jason and Kylie were getting ready to leave, she was like, ‘Jason, give me a bill,” Riley added.

“I want to write a message and leave it behind’, and Jason said, ‘All I’ve got is a 100’.

“So Jason takes out a 100, and she says, ‘Okay, fine, I’m writing on a 100 then, that’s what we’re doing’. The message was, ‘F— Dallas, Go Birds and Go Cabrini’, where she went to college.”

For Jason and Kylie Kelce, attending Taylor Swift’s concert was a memorable highlight of their London trip, marking their debut experience at her Eras Tour.