Video of Patrick Mahomes at OTAs emerges after he was spotted in Los Angeles

Video of Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs’ franchise quarterback was everywhere on Tuesday, it seemed.

On Wednesday morning, the Chiefs posted a video of Patrick Mahomes on the OTAs practice field — this video had to have been shot on Tuesday (day one of organized team activities), as the team typically practices later in the morning than the 9 a.m. posting time.



2021 NBA Playoffs -Dallas Mavericks v LA Clippers



The Chiefs confirmed that Mahomes would do “some stuff” during OTAs in mid-May. He checked that box Tuesday, then jumped on a flight to catch some playoff basketball. No word on if he was at practice on Wednesday (keep in mind, these are voluntary).



Being a superstar quarterback with a private jet partnership certainly has its perks.Why is that relevant?

Because on Tuesday night, Mahomes was seen on national television attending the playoff game between his Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Clippers — in California!


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