“United American Bends Marriage Law For Patrick Mahomes”

Mahomes on the tour

Patrick Mahomes is a two-time Super Bowl Champion. He won his second three months ago when the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles. And, despite being a father to two young children, Mahomes is appearing all over the United States this spring.



Brittany mahomes divorce drama




On Monday, Mahomes and wife Brittany attended the Met Gala in New York City. Sure, getting from New York City on Monday to Louisville, Kentucky for Saturday is not a huge deal. But Mahomes and his wife made their way to Miami for F1’s Miami Grand Prix on Sunday.

Asking #Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes all the important questions like:

Weren’t you at the Kentucky Derby yesterday?

“I’m everywhere,” Mahomes told me, walking into the @f1miami Grand Prix Sunday. #MiamiGP pic.twitter.com/TyDCatm1Rd
— Safid Deen ???????????????? (@Safid_Deen) May 7, 2023Mahomes: certified sunglasses guy. Three events, three different pairs of shades. Also, where are his kids?? Patrick and Brittany have a 2-year old daughter and a 6-month old son.

I’m not questioning their parenting, just genuinely curious. Most parents probably wish they could take trips all over the country and attend high-society events without dragging along the young ones.



Patrick mahomes cities




Ah, the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Apparently, the Miami Grand Prix is a must-see event. I’m not a big car-racing guy, that distinction is shared by OutKick’s Matt Reigle and Zach Dean. But dang the guest list in South Florida was packed with stars. Mahomes and wife Brittany are making the rounds, while younger brother Jackson Mahomes tries to avoid jail time.

Police arrested the younger brother of Patrick earlier in the week over an incident with a bar owner. Jackson Mahomes has since been released from custody on bail.

Perhaps Patrick and Brittany are just trying to avoid the controversy that always seems to follow Jackson. Elder brother Patrick has not commented on Jackson’s legal issues.

But that’s probably because he’s been too busy living his best life.

Very different paths for the two Mahomes boys.


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