Unbelievable : Taylor Swift’s Eras tour has recently faced unexpected criticism, as fans, known as Swifties, have taken to social media to mock her swifts moves…

Taylor Swift Eras Tour


The Grammy-winning artist’s dancing has been spotlighted online, particularly after a viral clip surfaced.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour

In the clip, Swift could be seen shaking back and forth, seemingly to accentuate her fringed gold outfit, on the beats of You Belong With Me. While Swift was clearly enjoying herself and having fun on stage, a significant portion of social media users reacted less favorably.

Many suggested that Swift’s dance moves give off ‘granny vibes.’ One user, @lostbvtfound, tweeted, “There’s no way Swifties gagging over this,” while @thankUbardi commented, “Girl, that dress is moving more than she is pls.” @soyclubi even went as far as to call Swift the ‘most overrated artist in the world.’

@K3NDALLJ questioned, “People actually pay money to see this?” @19brigid49 mentioned, “Why does anyone care about Taylor Swift’s dancing? It’s her music that is the problem. There’s no soul. Of course you can’t dance to that.”

Meanwhile, @kittylipsjohnsn compared her moves to drying off after a shower, saying, “This is how I dry myself off after I shower when I forget to grab a towel.” @HobbyCreation humorously noted, “I’ve seen a cricket with better moves,” and @kariwarburton suggested, “Someone get her a hula hoop.”