Travis Kelce SLAMMED by Dana White for Pfizer commercials in footage filmed BEFORE UFC star Colby Covington branded Taylor Swift’s boyfriend a ‘piece of s***’: ‘Why would you promote that garbage?’

Travis Kelce SLAMMED by Dana White for Pfizer commercials in footage filmed BEFORE UFC star Colby Covington branded Taylor Swift's boyfriend a 'piece of s***': 'Why would you promote that garbage?'


Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce recently found himself in the spotlight after UFC President Dana White expressed his disapproval of Kelce’s involvement in Pfizer commercials. The footage was reportedly filmed before UFC star Colby Covington made controversial remarks about Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. White questioned Kelce’s decision to promote Pfizer, labeling it as “garbage.”


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The Background:
The controversy began when UFC fighter Colby Covington directed derogatory comments at Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. The incident gained attention, leading to widespread condemnation. In the midst of this, footage surfaced showing Travis Kelce participating in Pfizer commercials, a move that didn’t sit well with Dana White.

Dana White’s Criticism:
Dana White, known for being outspoken, didn’t hold back in expressing his displeasure with Travis Kelce’s association with Pfizer. White questioned Kelce’s choice to promote the pharmaceutical company, calling it “garbage.” The criticism adds another layer to the ongoing discourse surrounding public figures and their endorsements.

Kelce’s Response:
As of now, Travis Kelce has not publicly responded to Dana White’s criticism. It remains to be seen how Kelce will navigate the fallout from both the Pfizer commercials and the controversy involving Colby Covington’s comments.

The Intersection of Sports and Celebrity Endorsements:
The incident highlights the challenges that athletes face when their personal lives intersect with controversial statements made by their peers. Public figures like Kelce often find themselves navigating a delicate balance between their professional responsibilities and personal affiliations.

Travis Kelce is facing scrutiny from Dana White for his involvement in Pfizer commercials, a decision made before the controversy surrounding Colby Covington’s comments about Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. As fans and critics await Kelce’s response, the incident raises questions about the intersection of sports, celebrity endorsements, and the challenges faced by public figures in managing their personal and professional image.