Travis Kelce Shares His New Year’s Resolution. ” Taylor Swift Rejoices.” Engagement??


The NFL star made the claim during a holiday-themed edition of the ‘New Heights’ podcast on Friday.
Travis Kelce is turning over a new leaf!


The 34-year-old NFL star shared his surprising New Year’s resolution during a holiday-themed edition of the New Heights podcast on Friday, titled “Kelce Family Year End Holiday Spectacular.”

While talking with his brother, Jason Kelce, and Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce, about New Year’s resolutions, Kylie mentioned that many people want to get in shape in the New Year.

Travis replied, “That’s what I’m doing. I’m not eating bacon anymore. I’m done eating bacon. I had way too many…. I’m definitely still eating bacon. I’ll probably never have mayo again, though. I’m over mayo, done with it.”

The declaration brought a mix of laughter and surprise from his podcast host and brother, Jason.

Travis’ desire to be healthier could be fueled by throwback footage of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end appearing shirtless — wearing nothing but a towel, to be specific — in an old video that sent Taylor Swift’s fans into a frenzy.