Travis Kelce Says he LOVES Taylor Swift’s Brother Now — Especially After Receiving This Christmas Gift!


On Friday’s bonus episode of New Heights, Travis Kelce had some praise for the other Swift sibling! As we previously covered, the entire fam — including Taylor Swift, her brother, and her parents — attended the latest Kansas City Chiefs game on Christmas Day to support the tight end. But for once the star of the show wasn’t Tay, but her little bro!


During the podcast, Jason Kelce‘s wife Kylie revealed her choice for who “took their game to new holiday heights.” She picked the younger Swift sibling — all because of the Santa suit he rocked:

The 34-year-old NFL star agreed, and even admitted that the 31-year-old Santa gave him an incredibly thoughtful gift right from “the Santa sack”:

Trav revealed the movie his girlfriend’s bro gave him was a copy of Little Giants — the 1994 flick starring Rick Moranis. If you don’t remember the movie, it follows two brothers being on rival youth football teams. Sound familiar?! We can see why it’s his favorite!