Travis Kelce said WHAT to Taylor Swift during Eras Tour collaboration at Wembley? Instagram lipreader shares dialogue between Chiefs star and his girlfriend

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift onstage at Eras Tour in London


So what did Travis Kelce and his popstar girlfriend Taylor Swift say to each other during their onstage collaboration in London last week?


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift onstage at Eras Tour in London

A lip reader known to Instagram as @tismejackieg claims to have the answers after watching the performance from Swift’s Eras Tour.

‘Wake up! Wake up!’ the Kansas City Chiefs star supposedly yelled while carrying his supposedly exhausted girlfriend across the stage at Wembley.

Later in the act, Swift pretended to faint before saying: ‘I don’t want to!’

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift onstage at Eras Tour in London

The top-hatted Kelce dramatically fanned Swift before telling her: ‘You get back out there!’

This back and forth continued.

‘I don’t want to—ugh,’ she replied.

‘Get back out there!’ he shot back.

No, this wasn’t Shakespeare at the Globe. But for Swifties in London – and maybe some Chiefs fans back in Kansas City – it qualified as captivating.


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The performance even made an impact at ESPN, where Pat McAfee insists Swift is Kelce’s on-field inspiration.

After one of McAfee’s panelists suggested that the tight end is about to have his ‘last dance’ this upcoming season, the host went on about how Kelce is motivated by Swift’s notoriety.

‘I think Taylor Motivates him to continue to go,’ McAfee said. ‘I think he watches her do her thing, and he goes: ‘Holy s***, she sells out stadiums in every city around the entire world, she continues to make bangers, she’s hands-on in everything.”

‘He probably thinks: ‘Yes, this is exactly who I need to be around,” McAfee continued.

‘Because you know they say you are the company you keep. And the company he’s keeping is taking over the world, pretty much, in an industry that I don’t think she was supposed to take over as fast as she certainly did.’

The three-time Super Bowl champion is coming off two consecutive title wins and en route to a third straight ring. McAfee also noted how Kelce just signed a two-year extension with the Chiefs.

McAfee has long been high on the Kelce-Swift love story, applauding the NFL star for being supportive of the 14-time Grammy winner and vice versa.

‘Once again…I can’t help but feel a phenomenal sense of pride,’ McAfee wrote about Kelce’s appearance in Swift’s show. ‘None of the other bums Taylor has been with would ever be this prepared and poised in front of 90,000 people while wearing that costume.’