Travis Kelce reveals what really goes on in an NFL locker room when players get naked: “Taylor Swift may want to cover her eyes”


On the New Heights Podcast with Travis Kelce and his brother Jason Kelce, the NFL duo was asked by a fan why reporters are allowed to enter the locker room, a private space for the football team.


They understood why the reporters needed access, but their answers made it clear that from “hairy buns” to naked interviews, nobody really needs to see everything that goes down in the locker room. It would be enough to make Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, blush.

The honest conversation from the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles stars was part of a recurring segment on their chart-topping podcast called “No Dumb Questions.” A fan asked them: Why are reporters allowed in the locker rooms? Do they at least give you a warning before they come in?

They revealed that there is a designated time that reporters are allowed in, and that players get a warning before. But that doesn’t stop them from interacting with scantily-clad players.

“The only time I feel like it’s weird,” Travis said, “is if you’re ass naked next to the guy’s locker who’s getting interviewed.”