Travis Kelce responds to Taylor Swift fans who criticized him for concert etiquette

Travis Kelce responds to Taylor Swift fans who criticized him for concert etiquette


It turns out that some fans aren’t too happy with Travis Kelce’s Taylor Swift concert etiquette, and he’s hit back.


Travis Kelce responds to Taylor Swift fans who criticized him for concert etiquette

Not everyone is in the know about how to act during a gig, but bad manners can really irk others around the perpetrator.

From bringing giant signs that block people’s view to taking up too much space in a cramped environment, there are so many faux pas someone can commit without even knowing up.

But what Kelce is being trolled for is something a little less known than the two examples above.

Since the Kansas City Chiefs star has been loved-up with pop sensation Swift for some time now, you’d think he’d have the inside scoop, but fans are still reeling at his bad form when he attended Swift’s Eras Tour in Paris.

The Tortured Poet’s Department album is thought to include songs about Travis Kelce. Instagram/ @taylorswift
He went along to the concert and created some fuss, which even his brother, Jason Kelce took notice of.

Footage was released of Kelce recording his girlfriend’s set, but he had his flash on.

Oh, no.

Travis Kelce responds to Taylor Swift fans who criticized him for concert etiquette

His brother, Jason spoke about it during the New Heights podcast, saying: “You got caught, pulling an Ed Kelce move here taking a video with your flash on.

“What are you doing, Trav? You’re supposed to be better than this.’

The tight end responded: “Oh, you know, the settings on the camera, if it’s dark, it’s going to automatically put the flash on.

“I was just trying to get some good, you know, some good video, some good memories. I don’t give a damn. Did I get clowned for that? Sorry.”

After Swift just about broke the internet and made radio obsolete in one afternoon when releasing The Tortured Poets Department, many believe that a handful of the songs featured are based on her relationship with the Chiefs player.

With so many people hailing her new 2-in-1 album, it meant that songs from TTPD were added to her setlist.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy songs about yourself with the flash on?

With stars like Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper beside him, Kelce gushed about the performance.

He said: “It was fun. It was a blast. I had a blast at Tay’s show,

“Her new rendition of the Era’s Tour. I suggest everyone go see it – it has her new Tortured Poet’s Department, a few songs, a handful of those songs in the new show.

“Which means there’s a new segment, and new lights and like new dancing – new everything to the f***ing show. So I suggest everyone get out there and see it. It was absolutely unbelievable. I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Travis Kelce has spoken out for the first time after Taylor Swift changed her song lyrics for him during her Eras tour.

The most talked about celebrity couple on the planet right now continue to delight fans.

Swift’s Eras tour has been a huge success, with the world concert tour propelling the singer into billionaire status.

But during a recent performance of her hit track ‘Karma’ at her Buenos Aires, Argentina show, Swift decided to switch up the lyrics a bit in a nod to her current beau.

Normally, the lyrics are: “‘Cause karma is my boyfriend, Karma is a god. Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend, Karma’s a relaxing thought.”

But Swift decided to mix things up, instead singing: “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.”

Given that The Chiefs are Kelce’s team, fans were very quick to catch on to what she was getting at.

And given the lyrics saying ‘karma is my boyfriend’, could this even be a not so subtle way of putting a label on the budding relationship between the pair?

Kelce could be seen in a box watching the show, and when he realised what had happened, he looked visibly touched by the tribute from Swift.

The NFL star put his hands to his head in delight, as fans screamed excitedly as to what had just happened.

And now, Kelce has spoken about the rather sweet moment, admitting to his brother Jason that Swift had hinted she would change up the lyrics prior the concert.

But the sports star was still very much shocked when Swift went through with it.

On the New Heights podcast, Jason asked his brother: “How does it feel to officially be the guy on the Chiefs?”

Laughing, Kelce instantly responded: “You mean ‘Karma’? I had no clue! Well, I might have had a little bit of a clue.

“But definitely when I heard it come out of her mouth it still shocked me. Oh s**t she really said that!”

Kelce then touched on the trip to Argentina as a whole, admitting it was nice to visit somewhere new.

“It was a whole bunch of fun. I’ve never been south of the equator,” he said.

“I got there Friday and left Sunday. Hoping I was gonna see Taylor’s second show, it got rained out. Lightning, electronics and water don’t mix.

“She wasn’t too happy, she prides herself on performing through all weather and rain but when it’s unsafe, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

“Everybody was accommodated for whoever missed Friday to go on Sunday and it ended up being perfect.”

He added: “The stadium was unbelievable, I forget what it was called. Instead of people having seats, everybody knew they were gonna stand. It was north of 65,000, like 70,000 three nights in a row.

“It’s crazy how many sold out shows she has and these venues that she’s keeps going to. I was blown away. It was an electric crowd too.”