Travis Kelce just DISSED two of Taylor Swift exes in one fell swoop! – The Chiefs Star Brilliantly Shades Taylor Swift’s Exes Jake Gyllenhaal & Joe Alwyn While Talking About ‘Karma’!

Travis Kelce dissed Taylor Swift's Exes


On Monday’s episode of the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast, the Kansas City Chiefs player joined in on a segment in which the tight end and hosts Taylor Lewan and Will Compton were discussing their top three T-Swizzle songs.


Travis Kelce talks about his relationship

The 34-year-old athlete went first, calling Blank Space, Cruel Summer, and So High School his top picks (in that order). Great selections!!

Host Will went on to say that he was picking songs partly on his 2-year-old daughter’s behalf, calling Karma one of his faves. That’s when TayTay’s past lovers got pulled into the convo!

Funny enough, the NFL star actually teased the podcaster, asking:

“Does she know who Karma is?”

The question totally stumped the Compton before Lewan wondered about Jake Gyllenhaal:

“Karma is Gyllenhaal, right? Was it Jake? Am I wrong?”

Seemingly dissing the actor, the pop star’s beau cleverly sidestepped the awkward acknowledgment of one of his girl’s most infamous exes, simply replying:

“What happened?”


The shade! But also, this was right after Travis gushed about about how much he loves the singer. No wonder he was feeling a little salty about hearing an ex’s name!

Will then pointed out that the most popular line in the track — well, the revised version — is “the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me,” adding:

“But wasn’t it ‘guy on the screen’?”

Travis matter-of-factly emphasized:

“It was.”


While the shady comments were quickly breezed over in the podcast, fans didn’t miss a beat! Taking to X (Twitter) to react to the boyfriend jabs, they wrote:

“the way he handled that nonsense”

“saying gyllenhaal in front of him is CRAZY.”

“‘It was’ I need that on a tshirt!!!!”


“Listen, if Travis wasn’t made for this… This life ain’t real. He handled the whole bit like a champ.”