Travis Kelce is NOT going to Support his Girlfriend Taylor Swift at her Eras Tour in Dublin! – The Chiefs Star has been SPOTTED with Olivia Dunne, both Starring in a New Ad and it’s ‘CRINGEY’ – Many Fans are DISSAPOINTED that he could not be at the Eras Tour in Dublin after Thousands are Eager for his Performance Again

Travis Kelce and Olivia Dunne


Travis Kelce and Olivia Dunne traded sports as part of a new ad for the energy drink that sponsors both of them, Accelerator.


Travis Kelce and Olivia Dunne

Kelce trying his hand at gymnastics was first, with the LSU gymnast teaching the Kansas City Chiefs tight end how to stick a proper landing.

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend did not change into a leotard for the attempt, however Dunne shared the three important parts of ‘sticking the landing’: arms out when making the impact with the mat, arms up to signal the end of the routine, and a scream.

All four events in women’s gymnastics, the vault, uneven bars, floor exercise, and balance beam all involve a similar dismount.

After Kelce performed the arms out landing, salute with his arms up, and the scream, Dunne was impressed, stating ’10!’, ’10!’, which is a perfect score in college gymnastics.

Then came Dunne’s opportunity to show what she could do as a football player. She’s dating Paul Skenes of the Pittsburgh Pirates, not the Steelers, so a pointer on the gridiron might be more foreign.

Kelce taught Dunne the proper way to catch a football, with the ‘diamond’, which means connecting your thumbs and pointer fingers, while keeping your elbows tight.

From off-camera, Kelce throws Dunne the ball while yelling ‘She’s open!’ with the gymnast hauling in the pass and spiking the ball in celebration to Kelce’s delight.

Accelerator has been a sponsor for months of Kelce’s podcast ‘New Heights’ that he co-hosts with his older brother Jason Kelce.

Other athletes that are sponsored by Accelerator include Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa and Golden State Warriors forward Jonathan Kuminga.

The ad was filmed a few weeks ago before Travis Kelce appeared on stage with his girlfriend during a London show of her stadium ‘Eras Tour’.