Travis Kelce GF Interrupts Gaming Sesh … Ass Shake-Orama!!!

Travis Kelce GF Interrupts Gaming Sesh

“My attempt at bonding while @killatrav wastes brain cells playing call of duty world mind craft 2k13,” Kayla said on IG.




Kayla Nicole's Hot Shots



Somehow — and we have no idea how this happened — Kelce’s attention goes back to his game about 5 seconds into Kayla’s dance to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Captain Hook.”

Seriously, bro … how good can the game be!??!
Super Bowl champ Travis Kelce’s stunning GF came up with a brilliant idea to take his eyes off his video game for a second … BOOTY SHAKE-ATHON!

And, now she has our attention, too.

Kayla Nicole and Killa Trav are up there on the list of hottest couples in sports … and even during quarantine, they’re still whipping up incredible content.

Kayla decided to do some “bonding” with her NFL superstar boo on Friday … by making a TikTok while he plays video games.


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