Travis Kelce gets called ‘soft’ on Barstool podcast, recalls facing Tim Tebow

Travis Kelce gets called 'soft' on Barstool podcast, recalls facing Tim Tebow

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce agreed with members of Barstool Sports that he needs to be more aggressive on the field after they called him “soft.” He also shared a story about the one time he faced retired NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.





Kelce, 33, made an appearance Monday on Pardon My Take with Big Cat and PFT Commenter. The co-hosts then brought out co-worker Billy Football to confront the Chiefs tight end for not running over guys on his way to the end zoneBilly had apparently been publicly critical of Kelce’s lack of aggression and now was his chance to tell him face to face.



Kelce agreed with the notion that he is too “soft,” albeit amid a slew of compliments from Billy, and then explained his reasoning.

The Chiefs tight end knew Billy was specifically referring to when Los Angeles Chargers safety Derwin James body slammed him near the end zone and said he had ran out of gas by that point in the drive.Tebow, 35, was already out of the league when Kelce joined Kansas City, but his last college football game was against the Cincinnati Bearcats in the 2010 Sugar Bowl, the only time they crossed paths on the field.



Kelce played in that game against Tebow and the Florida Gators, a 51-24 defeat for the Bearcats.”My only memory of Tim Tebow on the football field was him just throwing us a shellacking in the Sugar Bowl,” Kelce said. “We go undefeated, Brian Kelly goes to Notre Dame right after the season. We’re playing with a bunch of like dads and like, administrative guys from the University of Cincinnati.


“And we go in and play arguably one of the best football teams in college football ever in the Florida Gators that year. And that was fun. That was fun to go to. They said Tebow couldn’t throw well, he threw for like 500 yards.”


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