Tom Brady’s Kids Are So Cute – See the Best Family Photos!

About Photo #3853543: Tom Brady is preparing to play in the 2017 Super Bowl with his team the New England Patriots and we’re taking a moment to remind fans how cute his family is! …Read More HereNow that the divorce between Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen appears to be happening later on Friday, there are many different things to talk about. One of the most researched topics is tha matter of child support. Apart from the pre-nup agreement (or lack of it), Tom Brady needs to keep his responsibility to his children. Together, they had Benjamin (12) and Vivian (9). They also occassionally raise Jack, who is Tom Brady’s oldest son.



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Although numbers of what Tom Brady will have to pay are not known yet because the divorce is yet to happen, chances are that the QB will remain responsible. Also, the couple has reportedly agreed to share custody of their children. None of them is presenting any type of opposition on this matter, which is good for the children. Gisele Bündchen doesn’t have to pay for child support, only Tom Brady would have to do it.




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Tom Brady already pays child support for one child

Tom Brady had a son with actress Bridget Moynahan some 15 years ago, his name is Jack and the QB has been paying for child support ever since. No specific amounts of how much Tom Brady pays for that have been revealed. However, he does keep a polite relationship with the mother of his first child. This means that everybody is happy with the arrangement. Anything that happens with Gisele Bündchen after the divorce papers are signed wont represent a problem.



All three children will inevitably go through a complicated time after their parents divorce. Couples are getting divorced more regularly but being a child of divorce is even more difficult to live when you are the child of a power couple. The level of scrutiny those children will get is impossible to measure, they will need full support from both of their parents during this troubling time.


As far as the pre-nup is concerned, there still hasn’t been a formal agreement on this. Gisele Bündchen has already been established as the one who earns the most money out of the couple. Her net-worth is around $400 million against Tom Brady’s $250 million net worth. Prenuptial agreements don’t usually deal with matters of child support, that is completely sepparate.


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