Tom Brady gets highest honor bestowed by Kay Adams after viral Mr Beast drone video

Tom Brady gets highest honor bestowed by Kay Adams after viral MrBeast drone video

Kay Adams recently spoke about some cool dads in honor of Father’s Day and of course, Tom Brady made the list. In a conversation with Darius Butler on her “Up and Adams” show through FanDuel, Adams spoke about Brady’s recent experiences. In a video posted by YouTuber Mr. Beast, Brady, and his children were on his multi-million dollar yacht off the coast of Miami.Mr. Beast had Brady do some trick shots with a football, one of which included a drone. The ever-so-popular YouTuber asked the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback if he could hit the drone flying nearby.Without thinking about it, the former NFL quarterback threw the football and to no surprise hit the drone. Adams said that had to be one of the coolest moments for his children.






“It’s very cool to see him and Mr. Beast just doing their thing. I bet he was like ‘Mr. Beast?’ but, I bet his kids knew all about it and were all obsessed with him. That probably made Tom Brady cooler than anything he’s ever accomplished on the field. Like, cool Super Bowl rings are fun but, Mr. Beast and a drone?”This past Sunday, Tom Brady took to his Instagram account to share a heartfelt Father’s Day post.

He said that being a father to his three children is the best part of his life. He gave credit to his Dad for teaching him how to be a father.”Being a Dad is the best thing in my life. I have learned so much about what it takes from my Dad and to be able to pass that on to Jack, Benny and Vivi means the world to me. They have taught me how to be present. Still working on this daily and cherish every moment that we have as a family because that’s what matters most.”


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