Tokyo People Welcome “Patrick Mahomes And His Family Giving Them Full Respect And Wonderful Gift”

Tokyo People Welcome

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) – Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a girl dad to daughter Sterling, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t dream of having a son.

Mahomes and his wife Brittany announced in May that they are expecting their second child.




Patrick Mahomes II on Instagram: “It's a great day for a W.  #CapitalOnesTheMatch”



“Oh dude, I’m extremely excited. Gender reveal is coming up soon. Hopefully, we get a boy, but I’ll love him or her either way,” Mahomes said in an interview following the Chiefs minicamp. “It’s gonna be awesome.”Mahomes has said before how much he loves being a father. It’s also clear that Patrick and Brittany are passing their love of sports along to Sterling.


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They are part owners of the Royals, Sporting KC, and the Kansas City Current. Sterling has already been to all three. The 16-month-old also hangs out with her dad on the golf course when he’s shooting a round or two.




Patrick Mahomes II on Instagram: “chill weekend at the @15andmahomies Aloha  Golf Classic presented by @coorslight ⛳️???????? #partner”



“Sterling’s such a little athlete already, and she’s so cool,” Mahomes said.Brittany showed off Sterling’s athletic moves when she shared a video of Sterling dunking a basketball in a child’s goal on her Instagram Stories Thursday morning.


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Mahomes said he also knows how good they’ve had it with Sterling as their first child and joked that he’s concerned about their second.


“She’s so calm. That I just know, girl or boy’s gonna be the wildest child ever. So hopefully, Ster teaches her or him the good ways, and we get to have a nice household at the Mahomes’ household. Brittany will have her hands full for sure,” Mahomes said.

The couple has not said when their second child is due.


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