Throwback Travis Kelce Spa Video Goes Viral — and Heats Up the Internet: ‘I Love Bubbles’


Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end, Travis Kelce, has recently become the talk of the town after a throwback spa video resurfaced online, taking social media by storm. The video, originally shared by Kelce himself, showcases a lighter side of the NFL player as he enjoys a relaxing spa day, complete with bubbles and a contagious enthusiasm for self-care.


In the clip, Kelce can be seen soaking in a luxurious bubble bath, surrounded by soothing ambiance and a serene atmosphere. His infectious smile and playful commentary have captivated fans, providing a refreshing and humorous glimpse into the off-field life of the football sensation.

The spa video quickly went viral, with fans and followers expressing their delight at seeing a different side of Kelce. Social media platforms were flooded with comments praising the tight end’s charisma and sense of humor, further solidifying his status as not just a sports icon, but also a relatable and entertaining personality.

Kelce, known for his outstanding performances on the football field, has successfully shown fans that even professional athletes appreciate moments of relaxation and self-indulgence. The video’s popularity speaks to the universal appeal of taking a break from the daily grind, regardless of one’s profession.

As the video continues to circulate online, Kelce’s catchphrase from the spa day, “I love bubbles,” has become a viral sensation in its own right. Fans and followers have embraced the lighthearted moment, turning it into a meme and using it as a playful way to connect with others who share a similar appreciation for simple pleasures.

In a world often consumed by the pressures of competition and performance, Travis Kelce’s spa video serves as a delightful reminder that everyone, regardless of their profession, deserves moments of relaxation and self-care. The unexpected viral sensation has not only endeared Kelce to an even broader audience but has also sparked conversations about the importance of finding joy in the little things, even if it means indulging in a bubbly bath.