Three Players I Dislike To Face Patrick Mahomes Lamented……. Check Photos

Three players I Dislike on Field By Patrick Mahmos

Just as Tom Brady did, Patrick Mahomes has a number of players who made him bite the dust more than once when he faced them. It doesn’t happen too often but there are some players who have made the Kansas City Chiefs’ QB have a tough time inside the field.

Three Players I Dislike To Face Patrick Mahomes Lamented....... Check Photos

Back in 2021, Los Angeles Rams had all the three players who made Patrick Mahomes wish he wasn’t facing them at some point in his career.


In recent days, the Chiefs’ star player was asked if he had a list of the three players who have made him suffer inside the field.
Contrary to what you might think he’d say, Patrick did respond to that question with his list of three players who won the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals in 2021.

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In order to rank these players, they obviously have to be defenders and it didn’t take Patrick a long time to list them. It is important to note how quickly he mentioned the first name but he also gave respect to the other two because they all have made him suffer during games.

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One of these players is already semi retired while the other two will probably meet Mahomes at a new game during the upcoming season. Complex Sports asked Mahomes which three defensive players have been the toughest he’s ever had to face, this is his response:


“In my career? Aaron Donald is one. That’s out of the gate. Jalen Ramsey, especially the last few years, has always been a dog, and Von Miller, I’m glad he’s not in my division anymore.”

That’s right, Patrick Mahomes’ biggest nightmare is none other than Aaron Donald. There is a memorable game they played in 2018, when Mahomes and Donald actually played each other for the first time and the result was a historic 54-51 victory for the Rams. Despite throwing 478 yards and six touchdowns, Patrick was also sacked three times that day.



Two of those sacks came from Aaron Donald, who was completely unplayable during the entire game. Von MIller has the best stat against Mahomes with 3.5 sacks in a total of four games played against the Chiefs’ QB. With Donald retired right now, Mahomes will still face Ramsey’s Miami Dolphins in Germany during the NFL’s Week 9. Also, he is set to face Von Miller’s Buffalo Bills during Week 14. How will he fare against them both?


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