Three Days Before D-Day, $194,000,000,000 Netflix Hopes $450 Million Patrick Mahomes Will Turn the Table

super_bowl Patrick mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is on his path to doing something which every renowned NFL star has done at some point. The renowned quarterback is set to make his silver screen debut. Fans eagerly await the release of his highly anticipated documentary series, which recently unveiled an exciting update in its latest trailer.



patrick mahomes destroyed the madden



Just a week ago, Netflix unveiled the captivating trailer for this much-anticipated documentary.The series will delve into the remarkable journey of Patrick Mahomes alongside two other talented quarterbacks. The anticipation surrounding the documentary is palpable, as evident from Patrick’s wife, Brittany Mahomes, who took to her Instagram last month to share an update with Kansas City Chiefs fans. Adding to the excitement, Netflix, a colossal $194 billion company, is rooting for some hope from a $450 million QB.

Premiering on July 12, “Quarterback” is a groundbreaking collaboration between the NFL and Netflix, providing an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of three of the league’s most prominent players. While Netflix has been consistently releasing series and films, it has yet to produce a global international hit in 2023 that matches the scale of popular shows like “Squid Game,” “Money Heist,” “Lupin,” or “All of Us Are Dead.”


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