“This is True Love fans Reacted” as Taylor swift kiss her man Travis Kelce.

At the time, Travis admitted he was overwhelmed by the attention. “What’s real is that it is my personal life and I want to respect both of our lives,” he said on a September 2023 episode of his “New Heights” podcast.



Taylor Swift gives Travis Kelce sweet shout-out during Eras Tour  performance in Singapore



“She’s not in the media as much as I am, doing this show every single week and having fun during the NFL season on other guys’ shows.”“When you say a relationship is public, that means I’m going to see him do what he loves, we’re showing up for each other, other people are there and we don’t care,” she gushed in her TIME 2023 Person of the Year interview in December 2023. “The opposite of that is you have to go to an extreme amount of effort to make sure no one knows that you’re seeing someone. And we’re just proud of each other.”