“This is so Romatic”I’am getting Married to my Girlfriend Taylor Swift this 2024,Travis Kelce Said.

Kelce chose to crash out as the pop star continues her record-breaking Eras Tour but she might not be the biggest story to come out of it as a guest made a “crazy” discovery in one of the rooms.



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Dating: A Relationship Timeline



As he checked out the bedside table, attempting to find a wireless charging cable, a guest discovered a FoodSaver vacuum sealer and digital table scale and quickly took to social media to offer his theory that it’s used in the drugs trade.”So, I was looking at this [panel] which opens and closes,” he said in a video on TikTok, viewed over 800,000 times. “It’s got lighting controls, and I just leaned on it too much and it opened up

“But what else did I notice in here which is a vacuum sealer machine … and as I look further in here, scales. Someone has obviously been packaging up drugs in this room at Crown.