20 Surprising Things We Just Learned About Hilary Duff And The Lizzie McGuire Cast

20 Surprising Things We Just Learned About Hilary Duff And The Lizzie McGuire Cast


After 16 years, Lizzie McGuire is finally coming back! Disney+ is rebooting the show with some of the original cast, and unlike the original, the reboot of the show will take place in NYC. In this new series, things might be a little different from what you remember. Everyone from the cast has grown up, lived their separate lives, and certainly won’t look the way they did in 2001.


20 Surprising Things We Just Learned About Hilary Duff And The Lizzie McGuire Cast

After Lizzie McGuire ended, Hilary Duff found herself massively in the spotlight, while other cast members went on to live normal lifestyles. After all these years went by, you’re probably wondering what happened to everyone from the show.

From scandals, success, to shocking things that happened behind the scenes of Lizzie McGuire, we’re going to go through some of the most surprising things you never knew about the cast of Lizzie McGuire. Let’s get started!


20 Surprising Things We Just Learned About Hilary Duff And The Lizzie McGuire Cast


Hilary Almost Didn’t Play Lizzie

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than the petite and innocent Hilary Duff in the role of Lizzie McGuire, but it turns out there was a chance she wouldn’t get the part. The runner ups for the role were both Lindsay Lohan and Sara Paxton. This just goes to show that Lindsay and Hilary had way more things to compete for other than Aaron Carter back in the early 2000s.

Lalaine Has A Criminal Record
Miranda was always the edgy one in terms of character and fashion on Lizzie McGuire, which was also pretty accurate in real life. In 2007, Lalaine was charged with a felony for possession of something a Disney star should never have. She attended a treatment program and had her record expunged.

Kate Sanders Became A Lawyer
Ashlie Brillault played one of our favorite mean girls, Kate Sanders. Her character on the show noticed plenty of small things she could criticize about Lizzie and Miranda, which is why it’s totally in character for her to become a lawyer in real life. You’d have to be really observant to notice if someone’s an outfit repeater.

Ethan Craft Recently Got Engaged
Despite Ethan Craft never showing an interest in Lizzie McGuire (who absolutely adored him), his actor Clayton Snyder ended up getting engaged to a woman that bears a huge resemblance to actress Hilary Duff. Although, Duff hinted that Ethan and Lizzie will finally get together in the reboot!

Hilary Didn’t Keep In Touch With The Cast

They Had To Hire An Acting Coach For The Cast

Ethan Wasn’t Supposed To Be Lizzie’s Crush

Lizzie McGuire Almost Had A Spin-Off On ABC

Hilary Was Cast In The Role Because Of Her Fashion Sense

Clayton Snyder Took The Longest In Hair And Makeup

Lalaine Focused On Her Music Career After Leaving The Show

Selena Gomez Almost Starred In A Spin-Off Series With LalaineIf you ever wondered why Lalaine wasn’t in the final two episodes of Lizzie McGuire, it’s because she was filming a spin-off titled What’s Stevie Thinking? with Selena Gomez. According to Seventeen, the show would have been about Miranda and her younger sister Stevie (played by Gomez) living in Australia. Unfortunately, the show didn’t get picked up by Disney.

Hilary’s Older Sister Provided The Singing Voice For Lizzie’s Doppelganger
Hilary Did All Her Own Stunts

Jake Thomas Became A Photographer

Gordo Quit Acting To Work For An Irish Arts Center In NYC

Lizzie McGuire’s Dad Was A Lead Actor In Revenge Of The Nerds

Lalaine Still Rocks Miranda’s Hat

Gordo Is Returning For The Reboot

Hilary Dated Joel Madden From Good Charlotte At The Age Of 16
Hilary’s age difference with Good Charlotte’s lead singer was surprisingly not commented on much back then. Their relationship started when she was just 16 years old and he was already 24. An age gap like that would certainly be considered controversial these days, and it’s shocking that they were ever together in the first place.


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