These Travis Kelce Outfits Convinced Me to Root for the Chiefs

These Travis Kelce Outfits Convinced Me to Root for the Chiefs

Nothing like being an NFL player flying in luxury to road games. Not only do the players receive first-class accommodations but according to Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, the team has a “hell of a spread” of food to work with as well.

Nope, no tasteless peanuts and unheard of cookie styles for the Chiefs as Kelce revealed on this week’s “New Heights” podcast featuring brother Jason.




Photo Gallery: Travis Kelce is a Stylish Man



“We have a hell of a spread of candy and treats.” Kelce said. “Every plane I’ve ever been on with coach Reid has had cheeseburgers waiting at the door, Red Robin at that baby!”

While I love a play-action QB sneak or diving one-handed catch, I am unashamed to say that my primary reason for watching football is the men. There is truly nothing I’d rather do on a Sunday than watch buff NFL players bodyslam each other while simultaneously internet stalking their best outfits, relationship statuses, and current salaries.



How much does Travis Kelce make? Catching Kelce FAQ




Each season when my team is eliminated from the playoffs, I begin rooting for the remaining teams based solely on which offers a larger pool of potential husbands. Whichever team has a greater number of well-dressed hunks is the one I’ll cheer on proudly as if it was my own. Thanks to my definitely-not-scientifically-proven theory that the better-dressed team always wins, picking a Superbowl LV winner was a no-brainer thanks to one man: Travis Kelce.


In addition to being one of the best tight ends (both the position and literal asses) in the game, Travis Kelce is also one of the NFL’s best-dressed players. Though Tom Brady may be the GOAT on the field, these Travis Kelce outfits make the Kansas City Chiefs the real winners IMO. See for yourself below.
All GOATS aside, these Travis Kelce outfits are the real reason I’m rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs in Superbowl LV.


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