These are the numbers of Mens Serena Williams Slept With…

vSerena Williams She has dated many famous celebs

23 times grand slam champion Serena Williams She has dated many famous celebs over the years but probably the most secretive and also the most ‘quirky’ was her alleged affair with famous Canadian rapper Drake. While neither Drake nor Serena have spoken publicly about each other, they have been seen with each other multiple times over the years.



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It is rumored that Drake and Serena never dated properly, only hanging out in the first season of Serena in 2015. Drake was first seen supporting Serena in 2011, and over the next few years he even got into a rap diss with Common on Serena.



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. Most recently, in 2015, the two were seen making out at an Italian restaurant in Cincinnati.Roger Federer expressed his desire to hold another farewell match to express his gratitude to his fans.Later, in 2015,

the American legend was seen watching Serena when she won Wimbledon and was also blamed for Serena’s loss in the 2015 US Open semifinals while at the stadium. Even after Serena got married, Drake came to watch Serena play at Wimbledon in 2018 as a good friend.


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