The reason why Brittany Mahomes wants to reduce social media activity

The reason why Brittany Mahomes wants to reduce social media activity

Brittany Mahomes, the long-time partner of Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes, has decided to take a step back from social media.
In response to a fan’s message about sharing more of her daily life during a Q&A session with her 1.4 million Instagram followers, she disclosed her reasons for this shift in approach.
“Unfortunately, the less I share the less I have to deal with horrible people,” Brittany replied.

Reduction in Brittany Mahomes’ social media activity
Previously, Brittany was very active on social media, enthusiastically posting videos from Arrowhead suites and fearlessly addressing trolls. However, she has recently adopted a noticeably quieter online presence, a decision that is intentional. It’s worth noting that, despite this decreased engagement, Brittany still remains present on social media.

She continues to share workout routines and family-oriented content sporadically. Brittany Mahomes is keeping her new home private
Furthermore, she revealed that she won’t be providing a social media tour of the Mahomes’ new residence. Emphasizing the appeal of privacy and safety, she highlighted these as the most significant aspects of their new home. The pair recently moved to their dream residence, situated on the eight-acre parcel of land they acquired back in 2020.

After almost three years, the land has been transformed into an expansive mansion boasting an array of opulent features that would surely evoke envy even from members of royalty. An aerial perspective of the property, as depicted by Front Office Sports, showcases Mahomes’ additions, including a pool, a private pond, a par-three golf hole, an impressive 50-yard football field and a soccer net. The football field bears Mahomes’ personal logo at its center, with his name “Mahomes” elegantly inscribed in the endzone.


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