The Queen ‘has invited Harry, Meghan and their children Archie and Lilibet to Balmoral this summer as she extends an olive branch to the Sussexes… but other members of the Royal Family won’t be around’

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The Queen ‘has reportedly invited Prince Harry and Meghan to spend time at Balmoral this summer.



If they accept, it would mean that the duke and duchess’ children Archie and Lilibet would spend time with their great-grandmother.However, it is claimed that the Sussexes would not spend time with other royals such as Charles and William.



The Queen arrived in her Highlands home on Thursday and is reportedly planning to stay in Craigowan Lodge on the Balmoral estate for ten weeks.



A Balmoral source told The Sun on Sunday: ‘Staff have been told to expect the full list of royals including Harry, Meghan and their children Archie and Lilibet. ‘They are preparing for the Sussexes.’



Another palace insider claimed that Prince Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, ‘barely had 15 minutes’ with The Queen during the hectic arrangements of her Platinum Jubilee this summer.

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Another sources is reported to have said: ‘I would be stunned if they did turn up.’News of the Sussex’s potential visit comes days after the author of a new royal biography made bombshell claims about the Duchess of Sussex.



Tom Bower, author of a new insider’s account of the royal couple titled Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, said the Duchess ‘thought the royal family would be like Hollywood.’



Speaking to Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins on Good Morning Britain he claimed that once Meghan realised the royal family was ‘lots of work and little reward’, she didn’t like it anymore. The author said: ‘It’s wrong to say she was a famous actress, she wasn’t, she was a third rate actress, Suits was only watched by a million people.’



During the interview, the author admitted that many of his sources were people who don’t like Meghan because she’d warned her nearest and dearest her not to speak to him. Host Ben said to Tom: ‘She was a very famous actress. She had a high profile in Hollywood and Suits is a series that was streamed all over the world, so people knew who she was.’



Tom disagreed with the host, referring to Meghan’s cover story with Vanity Fair while she was dating Prince Harry. ‘Well we wont argue but I disagree with you,’ he said. ‘The point is, until she met Harry, even Graydon Carter the editor of Vanity Fair who commissioned the article never heard of her and never heard of Suits.



‘He was just told that anyone who marries Harry is going to be famous and she indeed was.’She said to her father “I want to be famous, I want to walk down the red carpet” and marrying Harry she achieved exactly that ambition.’



The biographer went on to say he believes the royal family tried very hard to accommodate Meghan and include her in the family.



He claimed: ‘People were very excited by the fact that there was a mixed race girl coming’, adding: ‘It was going to be a great development for the royal family.’ However, he said ‘it went wrong’ and why it went wrong he said he has ‘explained fully’ in his new book.



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