The girl and Taylor Swift Jason Kelce went viral with: Taylor, I adore you.

Taylor Swift is normally the main attraction in the suite when the Kansas City Chiefs are playing, but the singer found herself overshadowed by the lively Jason Kelce on Sunday night.

The Cruel Summer singer was never going to miss out on watching her boyfriend Travis Kelce as the Chiefs took on the Buffalo Bills in the divisional playoff game.

She took up her place in the friends and family box at Bills Stadium where she finally met her potential brother-in-law Jason, who also watched his brother play after his Philadelphia Eagles failed to make it to the postseason.

Kelce was sure to make the most of his night off from the day job, going topless despite the freezing temperatures and chugging beers in the VIP suite as well as cheering loudly with other fans.

And when a young Bills fan requested to get a close-up of Swift, Jason, 36, felt it was his duty to facilitate the meeting.

Despite still being shirtless, the Eagles center picked up the little girl who was holding a sign that read: ‘I love you Taylor’ and held her up to see her hero in an adorable encounter. They then posed for the cameras after Kelce realised they were being filmed.

Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce all smiles in first meeting
Much had been made about their highly-anticipated first meeting, but Swift and Kelce seemed to hit it off after exchanging high-fives and talking to each other.

It proved to be a family affair in Buffalo as Jason’s wife Kylie attended the game along with his ever-present mother Donna and father Ed.

And it proved to be a night of celebration for the Chiefs and Kelces, as they secured a 27-24 victory to set up their NFL Conference Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Not only did the Chiefs win to put themselves within one game of the Super Bowl, Travis Kelce was in fine form after scoring two touchdowns thanks to Patrick Mahomes’ ingenuity.