Taylor Swift Worries are coming to Pass after what She recently did with Travis Kelce and will soon “Scare” the Chiefs Star Away

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Now a year into their relationship, the couple is having “the best year of both of their lives.”


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift in wedding dress


While one could imagine what it’s like to be Taylor Swift—having adoring fans, multi-million dollar properties and the world in your pocket—simple things like dating become that much harder. When the pop star met boyfriend Travis Kelce, she was worried that being under the microscope 24/7 would cause him to run away scared early on in their relationship.

“His [Kelce’s] life has changed significantly with the increased public attention,” a source told Us Weekly in its latest issue. “Taylor was worried that bringing Travis into her world would scare him away, but he embraced it and handled it so well.” A separate Us source added, “Travis was a star before Taylor, but this has catapulted him to a household name. He has been handling it the best he can. He’s always had good people around him.”

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s approach to his newfound level of fame only “made her fall in love with him even more.” It hasn’t always been easy for Kelce, though—in the beginning, “people would show up at his house and leave things on his doorstep…It kind of freaked him out at first. He didn’t feel safe.”

Now that Trayvis has been together for a year, they can easily say “this has been the best year of both of their lives,” a source told the outlet. “[Between] the Super Bowl and their families meeting and traveling the world together, it’s been quite a ride for Taylor and Travis.”