Taylor Swift STRONGLY Fires Back at Critics and Haters after she was ROASTED and BLASTED for her habitual alcohol drinking in public even at the Bahamas Vacation “What I do with my life is none of your business, just leave me alone! and GET A LIFE!”

Taylor Swift drinking


It’s spring-break season, and while Miami is begging college kids to stay away, the Bahamas welcomed Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce with open arms.


Taylor Swift drinking

The Daily Mail has photos of the lovebirds having what looks like an awesome time at the beach last week. They’re drinking, they’re swimming, he’s touching her butt. Sounds like a perfect vacation.

Swift is a creature of habit — just ask the servers at Via Carota — and some people seem to think she has been to this part of the Bahamas before … with another man. Last week, TMZ reported that the pop star may be “a couples’ vacay repeater.” Please hold your gasps. The gossip site reminded us that back in 2022, Swift went to the same part of the Bahamas with then-boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Those two reportedly stayed in Lenny Kravitz’s Airstream trailer, but it appears that Swift and Kelce opted for a resort this time around. Different strokes for different blokes, I guess.

Since the photos of Traylor were taken on Thursday, the couple has returned to Los Angeles. On Sunday, they were spotted having lunch at Nobu Malibu. “Taylor was laughing a lot, and Travis was telling stories; they hardly took their eyes off each other,” a source told Us Weekly. “They had a table on the outside patio, which overlooked the ocean … It’s really romantic.” Okay, these two are obsessed with the ocean.

But it’s good that they’re back Stateside now. It’s the beginning of the work week, after all. Swift is probably trying to figure out how to add another era to the Eras Tour, and Kelce has to decide whether he can fit hosting an Amazon Prime game show into his football schedule. We hope their vacation allowed them to get some clarity on these important issues.