Taylor Swift Reacts after fans go wild for Kylie Kelce as she’s spotted drunkenly with 3 HUGE Jars of Beer singing ‘Love Story’ at husband Jason’s annual Beach Bash… ‘She’s so adorable and I Miss…’

Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce


Travis Kelce’s sister-in-law Kylie Kelce was in her Fearless era this week as she was captured belting out Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’.


Kylie Kelce singing love story

Kylie, who is married to retired Philadelphia Eagles legend Jason Kelce, was seen singing and dancing along to the pop superstar’s 2008 hit during her husband’s annual Beach Bash Wednesday.

The mother-of-three, who attended two of Swift’s Eras Tour shows in London with her husband and brother-in-law over the weekend, was seen expertly holding three pitchers of beer while perfectly nailing the lyrics to the throwback tune.

The Kelce brothers’ New Heights podcast shared a clip of the moment to its X account, with the caption: ‘Sing it Ky!!!’

Swifties went wild for the viral moment on social media with many praising Kylie for the move.

‘We love a supportive sister in law,’ one fan posted, as another added, ‘Supportive in-laws >>>>>.’

‘She’s going to be the best sister-in-law (well, she already is),’ a third added, hinting at a potential future wedding between Kylie brother-in-law and the songstress.

‘Just two princesses supporting each other,’ one user chimed in, hailing both Kylie and Taylor as royalty.

‘This is f***ing ADORABLE!!! When does drunk karaoke at the OD start and what (Taylor) song will Jason be singing,’ one social media user posted, to which another replied ‘The Man’ as it’s the former center’s ‘favorite’.

‘She really should be Queen Kyana at this point, i hope the uk royals gave her that respect lol,’ another said, referencing the Kelce’s recent trip to the British capital and Prince William’s attendance at the Eras Tour.

But after Kylie’s recent performance, many fans claim a different Kelce should be up on stage with the 14-time Grammy Award winner.

‘We need Kylie on stage next! Those two would be so fun together,’ one Swiftie wrote, while another added, ‘When does Kylie get up on stage? That’s when I’ll freak,’ before a third chimed in, ‘Yes!!! Next Kelce to be featured in the Eras tour!’

‘If Taylor and Kylie don’t co-host NH [New Heights] at some point, then I’m not even sure why we’re even on this planet,’ one user said, pitching a different collaboration between the two women.

The fourth annual Beach Bash, which was held at the Ocean Drive in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, took place Wednesday June 26 in support of the Eagles Autism Foundation.